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Gangnam The King system

With the progress of the Gangnam Magic Mirror Choice is not visible from the inside out, the choice of detail is possible, I want a style choice

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Gangnam The King

Gangnam The King service

Customers can pick up their own sedan in the comfort of the river, and we will prepare a birthday party cake beforehand if you tell us

Hangover Service ~ Power is hot! It is hot! We provide nutrition service beer, snacks, please unlimited service and enjoy without worrying

Here, Gangnam the king price down service is up!!. As a new manager for the night field, we returned to the place where quality was upgraded further.

Good service and great location. The hottest place in Gangnam lately. A popular place where many customers don’t have to be beaten

Gangnam The king theking Gangnam

Business and relaxation area with many people looking for Gangnam’s attractions

# 1 in the south-right of the river Namkwon Magic Mirror

Gangnam The King


Gangnam The King main

Price for the week, do not worry about the service

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price discount is between 10,000 won in Gangnam’s King trader

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In the case of the hard pool salon, there is a time of 2 hours as basic full course. If you are having a delay time, you will be given a little slack.

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Experience the service of Gangnam Ballpark, where you receive a special management (price/service) for more than 100 people to go to the mirror.

With thorough water quality management, only ultra-low-level S-class sisters are at work.

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