Gangnam the Hard

-Gangnam The hard-

Gangnam the Hard

Gangnam Pool Longshan Long, Gangnam Baseball stadium before the beginning of the early Gangnam Jiangnan is more hard to do not know where to make the night of the older brother Shiny, so many people are active.
Rainy and snowy come and stay open 365 days a week to make a place where you can easily grab a drink
Ladies to go to work is more than twice as much as possible to work.

Gangnam More hard magic mirror room the most filling.
Want a little regret with a system that can be extended only with the addition of a TC lady.
It’s the place you want

The premium magic mirror Choice, which is preferred and satisfying without age-sensitive distinction, is the hard-to-be-sure taste of Gangnam.
Kang Nam-Kwon’s attendance rate # 1 sales mind, looking for guests are also proud to be Gangnam 1.
Magic Mirror Room Pullman Jiangnan Gangnam The hard is constantly waiting for service mindset and S-class sisters to have a one-part time karaoke room and two-part baseball home runtime of the aura.
Better service, when you come to the banquet, please call at any time to mount Gangnam More hard

More than 90 people go to work, 90 girls can not andagoneun all, but not the lady is not a mount that can say no.
My brother does not work with the idea that you are not going to see
I want to be sure that the choice is a good thing.
My brother who came looking for me is always smallest objection to send me home with a smile.
We are always waiting for your brother’s phone
The price is good, and I’m going to the hard-to-mind in Gangnam, the choice.