Club Shoes Moisture

-Tue Water Room-

Club Shoes Moisture

Business Room Gangnam Room Club is recommended

It is the authentic business “the moisture”.

With more than 70 rooms and karaoke bands

Business room for entertaining spot Authentic club room

Go to work girl more than 150 people in Gangnam Authentic room, Gangnam pool is a different color with a long

The membership-water room consists of more than 80 directors

It is a business to be sure to manage from guest management to Lady Care.

Once you are my guest and will notice before speaking

If you argue with the words, I’m a nagging… I think of the lover mode as the mission of the number one

It is moisture of business Orthodox club to trade

Without magic mirror choice , but rather casually enjoy the snow and choice, please consider my recommendation ^ ^

Important guests are required to entertain-every single one of the guest’s personality is full of babes.

You can sit comfortably in the comfort of the authentic room moisture.

Relax in the coffee shop. The rest I will take care of

If you have an important spot with a business partner, please call me

Perfect for the closing of contract deals

Please feel free to call us at any time.

I did not come to the door, I remember ~

It is a place of the referee to find any time.

It is a business club without a person in the club shoes moisture room Gangnam

The phone is very good.