★ The Sunleung pool cheap and the Lanna room comparison can not do it itself ★

Sunleung Pool Longong

1. You can spend an hour in the lingerie room with a footjob and a 20 teen babes.
Sunung lingerie average girl age is in the early 20s.
The traditional business Club is also hydrated in the mid tolate 30s.
The Sunleung pool is a late 30-age young lady. Can you compare it?

2. Does not give mechanical feeling.
When a young girl is working, I feel like a machine.
But here the shirt room is fresh.

3. It is open until 1pm on the next day, Part 1, Part 2, and three parts.
There is no time limit if you have health.

Sunleung Pool Longong

★ Gangnam’s largest magic mirror lingerie room ★

1. There are very few delays in the large room, which is 10 people, from more than 70 1-person rooms.
I hope you enjoy a fun drinking room tonight at Gangnam Lingerie.

2. Very good value for the…
For those who are distressed because of their hospitality and for the price, we are happy to give you more certainty.

3. Best water quality
Gangnam also boasts the best water quality in the Sunung pool and is the ultimate in the industry.

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★ Promise with Customer ★

1 . You will not receive any additional gold/liquid from the designated gold/liquid.
가끔 금액이 터무니없이 비싸거나 방문이후 추가 금액이 생기는 경우도 있기 마련인데 그런경우를 제외하고는 절대 정해진 금액이외에는 그이하도 그이상도 없음을 다시한번 약속드립니다
There is no fluctuation in the price

2 . If you are not sure if you are not good.
In situations where there are no older sisters, false information will not be shed because it is OK or false.
I’ll tell you all the information from a phone call.
(Current situation, your sister status, price, information, system, standby time)

3 . Trust, credit, and faith in our customers.
When I get false, I end up going to ruin my grave.
No false stories, no wind-up, no exaggeration to blow out of the mouth
We promise to speak only the truth

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Gangnam Poole Long

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