Gangnam Magic Mirror

-Gangnam Magic Mirror-

Gangnam Magic Mirror

Gangnam Tavern, Gangnam King, Gangnam Pool, Jianglong, Gangnam Baseball stadium

Located on the 1st floor of Gangnam Entertainment Street.

We added soft Gangnam Magic mirror system to full-long and improved choice inconvenience.

The mirror choice is a system in which our babes sit inside and pick up good babes like my brothers and I.

Please pick only the lady number you like ~

You might think that the number is the same as the name in the Mirror room. (no fixed number)

Go to the room and party time ~!!!

It is time to relax, and the hem is freed up with a drink.

If you’re passive, don’t be alarmed by the exciting time our girls are messing up ^ ^

There is also a time to know the girl intimately.

Come and see the Taste of ya guys!

Gangnam Magic Mirror Choice has advantages and disadvantages, but I think the choice is a lot of advantages.

Find my style while looking comfortable ~ ~

The girls are sitting so much to go to work, and they say they look all the same in the eyes of my brother (cons, not disadvantages)

But I’m not a man to rush ~ ~ ~ a thousand

Everything looks different as each one is unique. It looks like a hasty mind.

I want to say that I have a beautiful face, even the service of choice.

Please do not hesitate to call Gangnam Magic Mirror ~ ^^

I have a lot of babes in large businesses. If you do not have a girl, there is no such thing.

Peak time level… No delay, no line choice is wide

I’m not saying that 90 people work on average for more than 90 people on a day, I will be constantly waiting for the mind-equipped sisters.

Gangnam Magic Mirror Baseball stadium

We meet expectation to look forward to ^^