Gangnam Pool Salon

-Gangnam Full Salon-


Gangnam Pool Salon

A mirror room full of comfort and comfort-Gangnam Full Salon

I am going to reciprocate with one part time and the guaranteed service in the ballpark times

Gangnam-gu ballpark mirror choice method

I think the character of the brother, the ideal style, the second part of the ballpark time is important.

Manager, please tell me the style ~ (My choice trust me ^ ^) that choice is good ㅋ

Easy to see ~ ~!! The breakfast was very good.

Gangnam Pulong Magic Room Baseball Stadium of the concept to play squishy

Stop looking at the money (I think it’s the next brother’s partner, I have to give a bother? ^^)

More reliable service than the amount of money.

A cheap, three-foot-old Orc does not write

Mind training for water quality management once a week

You will not be given any additional fees.

Gangnam Full Salon Sinus Bee, touch and so on are available

The soft touch that makes you feel hot… Feel hot in your body

The mind-weak sisters dare to squeeze

We are committed to continuously improving water quality

Gangnam Full Longshan Long-the King Gangnam Ballpark pick-up car offers 1 guest/group/meeting/Reception welcome.

The hagglers of the hotel is very clean and the service is very affordable.

Gangnam Full Cheap 365 days in the atmosphere.