Yeoksam Pool

-Yeoksam Grass Longlong-

Reverse Pool

Magic Mirror ReversePool Longong, located in Teheran-Ro, Gangnam Center

With the famous soft room, we have changed to the reverse pool salon system.

It’s been a long time to trade.

We attract ladies who are quality of existing soft and continue to be good

This is a long time to keep the ladies in mind.

The reverse pool Salon 90 people do not say it looks like a doll

There is a girl like this girl.

Every person sees a different perspective. A very skinny babe or one who likes a molded face

There are some people who love the meat and duck style.

When I look at it, the young girl is very small and queria ^ ^

Sometimes the celebrity name tells me that I don’t like it.

The Reverse pool salon mirror Room is “Just my style” and my brother’s choice… Celebrity and

The choice of a girl on the other plate ~

Frankly, I have a lot of girls coming out more than the other girl

I think this is a possible choice.

The staff were very nice and the pool was very comfortable.