Gangnam Tavern

-Gangnam Tavern-

Gangnam Tavern

To the mouth of a cold drinking entertainment parlor karaoke room

A place where you can feel the song and the excitement

The moon has a large one of alcohol and songs, and can be seen as a style mirror room

I’m reminded that after the flask, I don’t have to eat the sake.

Our nightlife parlor mirrors are a place where the grass is cheap. It’s a place of charm that can’t be broken.

SNS likes recommended businesses

A hot playground near Gangnam

Some people are making meetings on the Internet.

Don’t be shy when it comes alone. It is a place where you can relax and enjoy a drink.

The Magic Room is the entertainment area of the nightlife, and it is also fun to play a day.

Wouldn’t it be OK?

A little bit of stress worries me. ㅎ ㅎ


Wikipedia excerpt (Entertainment Tavern)

As a business mainly for cooking and selling liquor, it is possible to put entertainment and entertainment

A business where a guest is allowed to sing or dance.

At this time, “nightlife” is a visitor to the entertainment district, where guests can drink alcohol or sing or dance to a woman whois also a part of the entertainment industry.

In short, there is a drinking entertainment for women. (Gangnam Tavern)