-Gangnam Pool Longong-

Gangnam Station Pool

Once you see an unforgettable place Gangnam -so-long baseball stadium is located very easy to find ~

If you have a drink, you may be told that the foot is moving

Gangnam Pool Longlong, magic room mirror baseball stadium with easy to find location and atmosphere

With pubs, eateries and clubs in the vicinity of Gangnam, you can enjoy a wide range of age from young

Do you care about the old age of magic room pool? When you play, you don’t have to conscious anyone.

For the satisfaction of various ages, my sisters are so diverse.

From spoiled babes to ever-felt sisters

Gangnam Pool is a true restaurant

The price and the main guide will also be honest

From the latest music to a concept karaoke room with a song of Memories and a home run with each theme

From attractive choice of magic mirror to room-time to be made with only two whispers

A sure-hagglers system, the King Club full of cheap long contact information and system introduction if you have any questions, please call us right away!

Kindly let us help guide you.

Try to solve the cost of the price and the outstanding quality at once!

Gangnam Pool impeccable which one has no time

365 days a year, 24/7, please contact us anytime!