Sunleung Pool Longong

-Sunleung Pool Longong-

Sunleung Pool Longong

Sunleung Pool is the best place to make a full-long business.

If you did not start with the sarong, you want to have a magic mirror full of now.

At that time, the hardcore system was the center of Gangnam Nightlife.

In the center of the city, it was a great fashion.

Now a lot of establishments have been gone, repeat the

The store was built with one big shop to consolidate

The word of mouth

Of course, for one person, babes are very happy to work.

My sister who went to work early is from 6am to work.

Of course, guests are coming early.

I have some early sisters for those coming early.

Take a look slowly ~ ~ ~ Early coming, Sunleung pool salon mirror Room is not empty

The Magic mirror Choice is for those of you who are facing your eyes with your sister.

I don’t see the tongue. The mistake of my brother to think that I was struck by snow.

If so, how do you appeal to your sisters? Suit your style

Sister who thinks that it is an eye-struck, I do not know the face of the brother ~ (Mirror room real security)

A passive stance is I don’t want anyone to touch me.

You’re not sitting next to the caliber. It’s my taste to be sure to play with the Sunleung pool.

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